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No. 1 Cabinet
        36"L x 19"D x 14"H
No. 3 Cabinet
        27"L x 22-5/8"D x 18-3/4"H

No. 4 Cabinet
        27"L x 26-1/8"D x 23-3/8"H

Each Cabinet comes with 100 Envelopes

A low-cost, efficient way to store valuable artwork, masters, plates and film. Made of heavy-duty steel and beautifully finished in neutral gray or alpine white.

Additional Envelopes and Optional Base available.

Envelopes are sold per box of 100  

No. 1 size 18-3/8" x 12"

No. 3 size 21-1/2" x 16-3/4"

No. 4 size is 25" x 21-1/2"