Job Shop Division
Graphics Division

Our Job Shop Division is located in Troy, Ohio.

Let us help you with your Custom Metal Fabrication needs. We can do small parts to large weldments. We go from print drawings through to finished painted products or if it's just an individual service we would be glad to help with that too.

Our Graphics Division carries the Roconex line of Filing Cabinets, Filing Envelopes, Light Tables, Packing Gauges, BPL1220 Exposure units and Plate Processor Sponges.

You can reach us at 937-339-2616 and by fax at 937-339-1470 or by email below.

          For the Job Shop Division we can be reached at sales@roconex.com

          For the Graphics Division we can be reached at graphics@roconex.com 

We look forward to working with you.